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Examining both your strengths and weaknesses, empowers you for 

self-motivation and self-awareness.

Author Angela Y. Hodge

From Her book 100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women


Learn to Love Yourself and Live Freely

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Daybreak Moment 

That moment you are reminded of your self-worth, your strength, and your faith.

I pray this will encourage, and uplift you.

A Moment with Daybreak

Give Love

Give love, that purple kind of love. Powerful, bold, and magical.

 I support you, celebrate you, encourage you, and 

embrace you with love.


Stay true to you, love you, be the best you, you can be.

You matter. Give love, that love with no regrets, that love when all else fail picks you up, gives you courage to walk by faith.

A heart of love with a spark, with a ray of blessings, spreading a life of harvest that shines like gold, pure and magical

 Give Love

-Author Angela Y. Hodge

From her book 

Purple Love: Powerful. Bold. Magical

Women of Power Support Group

Angela Y, Hodge, Visionary Director

On October 1, 2016 we added the Facebook online Women of Power Support Group which is designed to help encourage women to embrace their power from within.

If you are a woman looking for encouragement, support, and parenting tips this is the group for you!!!

Our mission is to inspire women to stand , be strong, and love the person they was created to be..

Our vision is to build a stronger community network through love, support, passion, and commitment.

Click here to join. It's Free!

Rise above it all with praise, and let your true beauty shine!

Give yourself some Purple Love

Take a moment and reflect on what you love about yourself!

We all need a DAYBREAK MOMENT to get through the day!!

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