Examining both your strengths and weaknesses, empowers you for 

self-motivation and self-awareness.

Author Angela Y. Hodge

From Her book 100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women


Learn to Love Yourself and Live Freely

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Daybreak Moment

Daybreak Moment is that moment you are reminded of your self-worth.

That moment you gain strength to keep the faith, keep doing what is right and believing in you.

I Pray Daybreak Moment will encourage, and uplift you.

A Moment with Daybreak

I Am Bold and beautiful full of Strength standing the test of time, broken hearts can be healed.

Bold and beautiful full of Power, the force behind my strength to stand on the front line.

Ready for battle to claim my true identity.

Bold and beautiful full of Courage to walk by faith.

Celebrating my victories wearing my blessings well and embracing my beauty from within.

Bold and beautiful full of Wisdom to stay humble.

Free myself from past hurt, forgive myself and walk talk.

I am special, I am victorious, I am the woman God created me to be

I am Bold and Beautiful…

-Author Angela Y. Hodge

From her book Daybreak: 

100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women

Rise above it all with praise, and let your true beauty shine!

Give yourself some Purple Love,  look in the mirror and speak life over yourself.

I am special, I am beautiful

I am loved, I am victorious

I am strong, I am powerful

I am a survivor!!

Take a moment and reflect on what you love about yourself!

We all need a DAYBREAK MOMENT to get through the day!!

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